Released projects

5.Testing and production of Centering couplings for ACC

Item №


Delivery date

Production, products repair


OAO “Chelpipe” (Chelyabinsk)

April 2008

1.Productionandrepairof die tooling for tee fittings with diameter from 219 mm till 426 mm;

April 2008

2. Production of die tooling for pipe bendsinaccordance with the project “Bovanenko-Yhta”

July, September 2008

3. Production of die tooling for production of transitions for pipes with diameters from 320 mm till 1420 mm

From November of 2011 till the present time

4. Delivery of components for hydraulics


OAO “Vyksa Steel Works” (Vyksa)

May 2011

1. Repair of FOERSTER marker paints

November 2011

2.Repair of fluxsystemfilters

April 2007

3.Productionof press-tool dies of stepping forming

February 2012

4.Production of T-shapedbars



ОАО «ОМК-Steel» Founding-rolling complex(Vyksa)

October 2010

1.Diagnostics of pendulum hammers

September 2011


From 2012 to the present day

3.Repairof Cameron filtersandSamsung filters (air filters for compressor plants)


OAO “Chelpipe”(Chelyabinsk)

From March of 2011 till the present time

1.Repair of flux system filters

March 2011

2. Production of oilheaders “VKS 1,2/0,6 – 220”

From Novemberof 2011 till the present time

3. Production of T-shapedbars, T-shapedbushingkeys

From 2012 to 2013

4.Successful test of centering couplings


ZAO “Izhorapipe” (Kolpino)

March 2011

1.Repair of fluxsystemfilters

February 2011

2.Production of oilheaders “VKS 1,2/0,6 – 220”


ОАО “Ruspolimet” (Kulebaky)

Аpril 2010

1.Production of automatic couplings