Metal working and metal goods

Manufacturing of nonstandard equipment according to Your drawings for metallurgical, machine building, mining, oil, chemical and gas industry.

When we manufacture details according to customer drawings we perform all operations and requirements beginning with search of the material to heat treatment, final polishing and test.

  • Form tool: die tooling, inserts, press-tool dies, bushes, punches from tool steel and high-strength wear-resistant cast iron.
  • Manufacturing of heavy and small nonstandard equipment according to customer drawings and also serial production.
  • Import substitution (design of drawings and production of details according to provided samples of foreign production). We are experienced in production of our own analogs of foreign companies hydraulic system elements. Our valves and feeders are successfully used in some metallurgical enterprises of our country.
  • High-strength charging bars of open-hearth (Martin) production.
  • Delivery of casting work pieces and products from heat-resistant material.